How Much Will This Flood or Fire In My Home Cost Me?

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When you are faced with a disaster, it can be overwhelming both emotionally and financially. Will my insurance cover this? what is my deductible? How does the pricing work? In the world of disaster restoration, pricing can be a taboo and a scary topic to address, why?  Well sometimes it’s just hard to give a black and white dollar amount.


There are many factors that can change the price, for example:

1.) How many days will it take?

2.) How much debris and tear out needs to be done?

3.) Is there specialty equipment needed?

4.) Are there extra labor hours needed?

5.) Is there asbestos and lead testing and removal to be done?

While we can’t always tell our customers an exact amount, we can tell them if it’s worth filing a claim based on their deductible.

Here is an “average” of what a disaster at your property can cost:

  • Small to Medium: Approx. $2500-$3000.
  • Medium to Large: Approx. $3500-$8000
  • Large to Catastrophic: Approx. $15,000-$55,000
  • Catastrophic and over: Some can be $50,000- $1 million on up, depending on the property- is it commercial? Is it a fire?

*All of these are averages, every property can be different! We do our best to inform and update you as things progress. This is why it’s good to review your policy with your insurance company.

What is important is that the company you hire communicates effectively with you with each phase of the disaster restoration process. Lastly, why does it seem so expensive? Well, your insurance company dictates the pricing to us, the contractor, with monthly price lists and almost all disaster restoration companies use the insurance companies pricing platform. We are also held to a high standard and are required to carry specific insurance, make sure all our employees are background checked, screened, and continually trained and certified. 

Would you hire a friend to fly a plane you are on? Probably not, unless they are licensed and certified to fly 🙂 Well the same goes with a disaster restoration company, you want a certified and trained technician to assess the damage and treat it properly so that your property can be effectively restored and put back together, like, kind, and quality, or upgraded and better than before if you decide to make those changes on top of what insurance covers.

Lastly, here’s some peace of mind– We work with your insurance company and are on part of their preferred vendor program, which means they know us and we know them and we are on the same page of how to assist their customers. Our goal is to restore your property while restoring your peace of mind. 

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