If you have pets, no doubt you love them like family! But our furry friends don’t always necessarily hold the same housekeeping standards that we do, and in many cases this can lead to some pretty intense pet odor. So, while you may be feeling the stress from dutifully – and DOGGEDLY – trying to rid your home of those odors, there’s no need to start pulling out your people-fur (AKA hair). Check out these quick tips to take care of your pet odor issues:


  1. Play Detective.

 Pets can be like stealthy ninjas, sometimes making messes in the most unusual places. That means we sometimes don’t find them right away. So, take some time to explore less visible areas — under beds, in closets, etc. — and identify old messes that are contributing to that unfavorable fragrance in the air.


  1. Clean your carpets.

An obvious odor-retaining culprit, carpet soaks in odors and hangs on to them like a Venus flytrap. To prevent this, keep an eye on messes as they happen and be sure to soak up any fluid immediately. You’ll also want to use a potent deodorizer and — if your pup is a repeat offender — you may want to consider professional carpet cleaning.


  1. Combat wall odor.

Yes indeed, even walls can hang on to odors. If there’s a specific area where your pet likes to spend their time, there’s a high likelihood that their distinct scents will be present on the floor, trim, and walls. In cases like this, new paint can be man’s OTHER best friend. We recommend using a product like Kilz, which can be painted over stains in order to reduce odors and mildew.

We know pet odor problems can be a little overwhelming. The only thing overwhelming about our furry friends should be their cuteness! So, if you’re experiencing something beyond those normal day-to-day pet smells, you may want to enlist a professional. At ServiceMaster, we’ve seen it all. We’ll take a look and identify how to restore your home back to normal. Contact us today!