carpetCarpets say a lot about a house and—if you spent all summer tracking in dirt, dust and bacteria—you might not like what it’s saying. With holidays around the corner there will be no shortage of family, friends and associates visiting your home. So, if you want keep your mother-in-law’s passive aggressive comments at bay, it’s probably a good time to have your carpets professionally cleaned. Not only will the results be aesthetically pleasing (and mother-in-law approved), you’ll also reap some other benefits.


Extend the lifespan of your carpet.

 With dirt, grime, and pet stains constantly building up on our floors, the fibers that make up our carpet really take a beating. After years, you’ll find that carpet will wear out far quicker than you might like. Regular vacuuming is no doubt helpful, but regular deep cleaning will help keep build-up at bay. While you may struggle to justify the cost of professional cleaning, you’ll likely struggle a lot more with the cost of completely new carpet.


Improve the look of a room.

We’ve all walked into a room with freshly cleaned carpets and experienced a sensory treat: the fresh scent of stain-free flooring. As one of the most common sources of odors in your home, regular professional cleaning helps purge the surrounding areas of must, pet odors, and old cooking smells. Bottom line, walking into a home with clean carpets, communicates a lot about the overall cleanliness of your home.


Keep you and your family healthy.

 As we mentioned earlier, carpet is a breeding ground for bacteria and other contaminants. In fact, you’ll probably recognize some of the more common bacteria found in carpet: E.Colli, Staphylococcus Aures, and Salmonella. With these and other icky germs and allergens wandering around in carpet fibers, it’s a good idea to do away with them with professional carpet cleaning. Your family and visitors will thank you.


If you’re looking to get the most out of your carpet, keep it useful longer, or even just impress your in-laws, ServiceMaster would love to talk to you about professional carpet cleaning. We’ve got a number of pricing options an
d include pre-inspection and post-inspection in all we do. So, when you work with ServiceMaster, you know you’re getting what you pay for. Contact us today to learn more, we’d love to show your carpets the care and attention they deserve.