The COVID-19 pandemic has hit all of us hard. Whatever your beliefs or stance on this topic, it has impacted all of us in one way or another. ServiceMaster of Alaska will continue to provide quality home restoration services at this time.

I want to be very clear, I am not hear to market, but rather to be an industry leader in educating our customers and doing our best to support one another. As a small business owner and one that is on the front lines of everyday disasters and emergencies, I want to offer some input to our community and fellow neighbors.

 We are not in this industry to gain on other’s distress. Our goal is to continue to educate our customers and potential customers during any crisis. So specific to this pandemic, we will be sharing as much information as possible. The information we are receiving is fluid and constantly changing, but we will do our best to keep everyone informed as best we can.

While I hope you never need us, I do hope you know who to call. We are considered “essential services” and God forbid, we are needed, we are here to help our schools, neighbors, health workers, and all impacted by this situation.”

 Stay safe and God bless,

Kara MacDonald

ServiceMaster of Alaska