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03 Nov

5 Ways to Keep Your Pipes Cozy, Warm, and Intact this Winter

Why do pipes that have never frozen before suddenly freeze now? Winter is here, but the snow isn’t thick. This causes a many issues. Not only are sledding and skiing out of the picture – even the light is diminished without snow cover! The other issue is that the snow protects our homes from the cold. It’s a

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21 Oct

Carpet Cleaning: What It Does for You

Carpets say a lot about a house and—if you spent all summer tracking in dirt, dust and bacteria—you might not like what it’s saying. With holidays around the corner there will be no shortage of family, friends and associates visiting your home. So, if you want keep your mother-in-law’s passive aggressive comments at bay, it’s

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28 Sep

3 Things to Do When You’ve Got Fire Damage

So, the worst has happened. You’ve had a fire in your home and now you’re left with what remains. In cases of fire and smoke damage to your home, we always recommend enlisting a professional to handle the clean up. Of course, when it comes to fire damage in your home, the safety of you

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15 Sep

3 Ways to Remove Pet Odor from Your Home

If you have pets, no doubt you love them like family! But our furry friends don’t always necessarily hold the same housekeeping standards that we do, and in many cases this can lead to some pretty intense pet odor. So, while you may be feeling the stress from dutifully – and DOGGEDLY – trying to

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29 Aug

4 Things That Will Happen When ServiceMaster Works for Your Business

We know that when you’re experiencing a disaster, you need a trustworthy team to put in charge of the cleanup process. Whether it’s your home or business, you need experts that know how to work with you and your unique needs. We understand, and that’s why we love serving our commercial clients with the same

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25 Aug

Get to Know Your Sump Pump

Ahh, fall. The leaves are turning, the air is crisping, and the sump pumps are humming.  Yep. You heard us. The end of this summer has been quite a gully washer—and we’re sure you’ve noticed there’s no shortage of moisture on the ground. Hopefully for you, that’s where it stays: outside, on the ground. But,

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06 Jun

How to fix water damaged books

How to Fix Water Damaged Books ServiceMaster Restore® April 28, 2016 Water Damage Whether it’s water damage from firefighting efforts, a flood or an overflowing washing machine, it takes patience and special techniques to safely and effectively dry water damaged books. Water can be extremely destructive to books. It has the power to dissolve glue,

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25 Apr

Does Renters Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Does Renters Insurance Cover Water Damage? ServiceMaster Restore®   January 7, 2016  Water Damage Renters insurance helps protect you and your belongings when you’re renting an apartment, house or other living space. Rates for renters insurance vary by company and also range in price depending on the amount of coverage purchased, the deductible amount and the

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29 Mar

How Much Will This Flood or Fire In My Home Cost Me?

    When you are faced with a disaster, it can be overwhelming both emotionally and financially. Will my insurance cover this? what is my deductible? How does the pricing work? In the world of disaster restoration, pricing can be a taboo and a scary topic to address, why?  Well sometimes it’s just hard to give a

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