Insurance Process

Understanding the Insurance Process:

We have found that policyholders, who have experienced unexpected fire and water damage, are not simply overwhelmed by the physical damage and costs, but also how the clean-up process will occur. Keep in mind that every claim and policy is different and this is just an example of how a basic claim could be handled:

  • The insured calls their insurance company who will walk them through the insurance process and give them a claim number.
  • ServiceMaster will do an onsite inspection, begin any emergency services needed and then call the adjuster within 4 hours of the inspection with an update of the job.
  • There are typically 2 phases of a disaster loss, Emergency Mitigation Services and Restoration Services
  • The Emergency Mitigation Services are typically completed in within 3-5 days. This may include some demo, content movement, and dry out equipment. We update your adjuster daily and upload readings, and required paperwork so there are no surprises.
  • The Restoration Services are typically started once an agreed on scope of work is approved by your insurance company. Then it is scheduled with the homeowner and contractor.

Things to note:

  • Daily Moisture readings are taken to verify proper equipment set up and that the dry out is working. This allows us to determine if it’s more cost effective to remove or dry out. Our goal is to save not tear out.
  • If we do all of the job: mitigation to repairs, then we act as a General Contractor and coordinate with all subs, flooring vendors, etc. and work with your insurance company to come to agreed upon scopes. Timeframe depends on your insurance company approving the scope, reference our Construction Handout for details.*
  • Pricing is dictated to us by the insurance industry via a program most insurance company’s use which includes updated monthly price lists. The majority of our industry uses the same pricing programs. We are able to work with self pay’s and do offer a military discount if it does not go through as a claim.
  • Upon completion a certificate of satisfaction is signed and this starts our 5 year warranty.

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